New color palette!

Posted: 02-12-2017

Good day my dear! I am starting with Christmas surprises at Chmurka! 🎁 I have something new, soft and very unusually coloured for you… Ah! I can’t wait, so with no superfluous words I introduce you to the new set of six colours, straight from the palace kitchen! A set of mature, tasty and elegant colours – Candied Papaya, Tea Rose, Teacup, Sugar, Old Wood and Truffle.
While creating them I imagined old, worn wood of kitchen top, preparations for a morning tea, palace pantry, recently cut flowers and delicate porcelain in the cupboard. I wonder what your connotations are! ❤️🖤❤️ Each of those colours was created to go perfectly with the others and at the same time to be enjoyed individually. It all depends on you 😊

Moreover, one new colour in a limited edition shows up in the store and I restocked some of your favourite colours from the previous palette.

Of course I invite you to my store:…/pr…/chmurka-en-2/goat-on-the-boat-en-2/

That’s not all! Until 22. December, starting now, the shipping in Europe is completely free! 🎄
I also added electronic gift cards for those who are planning a woollen present:
And the December has just started ❤️
Happy knitting!