New color palette. Part 2!

Posted: 09-05-2017

The second part of the resupply is now in available in the store. As you know, the whole color palette at Julie was changed. This was caused by the change of dyes used in the process to be even more ecological – a great virtue, I’d say. Just like a fact that all bases are environment-friendly and the sheep, which loan their treasures for us, are safe and happy 🙂


So I have cashmere Fino, Leizu Fingering and one wholly new yarn which substitutes Piccolo. Nomade is also a blend of merino and nylon, but it has something else, something special inside.
It’s highly twisted and lighter, and thanks to that one skein is much longer than always and it’s extremely durable . Perfect sock wool (but also perfect sweater wool!). You can read the full description in product page.



Nuances Bloomin and Anatolia Victoria came to us too. And there is some Milis left. I am curious what you think about the new colors!


On 11. and 12. of May no orders will be shipped, I am going on vacation! 🙂


Wooly afternoon to you! <3