Welcome to my store!

Posted: 20-02-2017

Hello to every knitter living in Europe! <3
I have great news for you! If you live in Europe and dream of knitting with Julie Asselin’s yarns… now it’s not only possible, but also very simple! I just upgraded my woolly store and, as a result, it is available in English now! What’s more, the prices are listed in Euro, so you can really know how much does this skein cost (you no longer have to convert everything from PLN:)). The shipping cost is also computed automatically depending on the order size, so you can easily check the total cost of your order.
The store is in Poland, but it’s not a problem at all. You can easily contact me, buy something and the shipping won’t be too costly! I hope you will enjoy my little, woolly boutique. I am pretty sure that neither the service nor the skeins will disappoint you! <3