About me

The name “Chmurka” was inspired by very, very lovely and fluffy sheep from a book “Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story”. “Najbardziej wełnista owca w stadzie” is a literal description of this sheep, which translated to English means “The most woolly sheep in the herd”. You can the pronunciation of this phrase here: click! The shop was founded by me, Marzena, whose dream was to own such a woolly store. I’m in love with knitting for a few years and there is no way it could ever stop! From all my passions, this it the one that I enjoy the most, and, what’s commonly known, there is nothing better than combining business with pleasure.

Mrs Chmurka’s offer consists mostly of skeins that haven’t been available on the polish market yet. I follow my feelings when choosing the wares – there is simply no way I’d have a yarn that I wouldn’t like to knit with in my store. I’ll do my best to widen my offer with more and more woolly beauties! I hope you will find something for you here, and if not, I’ll try to realise your wish in the future.